Leak Detection in Sydney

Leak Detection in Sydney
Water Pipe PVC Plumbing — ECW Plumbing In Bangor, NSW

Fast, Efficient Leak Detection

Our specialised equipment helps us find leaks with minimal fuss. There’s no need to tear up a 30-meter shared driveway to find the source of the leak. We will pinpoint the cause of the issue with surgeon-like precision—without damaging your property or hurting your wallet. Using thermal cameras, acoustic equipment, and gas sniffers, we can detect leaks promptly.

At ECW Leak Detection & Plumbing, we have the expertise and industry-leading technology to locate all types of leaks, including hidden water, gas, and sewer leaks. Whether it’s at your home, business, or industrial premises, we have our own excavation equipment to reline pipes and repair water leaks!

Call us today if you require 24/7 emergency leak detection. In addition to Sydney and the  Sutherland Shire, we take on jobs in Cronulla, Miranda, Hurstville, and Bondi.

Avoid Unnecessary Damage

Leaks left unattended can have disastrous consequences, not only for your plumbing fixtures but also for anyone at your property. Gas leaks, for instance, are very dangerous and pose significant risks to your health. If you are concerned about a gas or water leak at your property, call our plumbers in Sydney today.

With more than 25 years’ industry experience, our licensed gas fitters have the know-how, industry knowledge, and high-quality components to rectify any leaks without hassle. So, if you suspect a problem with your pipes, plumbing or gas lines, be sure to call ECW Leak Detection & Plumbing today!

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